How to file a police report?

How to file a police report?

You can report it in person or in writing (by email, fax, letter, or online) to any police station. Please note that it may well be that not all types of advertisement reimbursement are possible in your federal state. You can report anything that you think constitutes a criminal offense. The criminal complaint is free of charge for you. In the following article, we get to know about How to file a police report? So, don’t skip the article from anywhere, because it’s going to be very useful for you guys. Read the article very carefully.

If you do not speak German, you can bring someone with you to translate for you or the police can provide you with the help you need to communicate.

Upon request, you will receive a written confirmation of your notification (e.g. to be presented to your insurance company). If you do not speak the German language, this can be translated into a language that you can understand, also upon request.

Make a testimony to file a police report

When you file a complaint, you will usually be questioned as a witness to file a police report. Your statement is important in order to clear up the crime and to identify or convict the perpetrator.

How does an examination of witnesses at the police work?

In the beginning, you always give your full personal details. In exceptional cases ( see address data protection 5.1 ) to file a police report you can provide an alternative address through which you can be reached. This can e.g. B. Your job, a victim support facility, or a law firm.

You will then be instructed about your rights and obligations in connection with the interrogation to file a police report. The police are obliged to do this before any interrogation. You must z. B. points out the consequences of an incorrect or incomplete statement. She also advises you that you do not have to incriminate yourself or any close relatives with your testimony.

You will then be asked to describe your knowledge of the facts in a coherent manner. You may be asked additional questions, such as B to file a police report. According to the effects the deed had on you.

The police are logging everything as you report it. In the end, you will be given the opportunity to read everything through carefully again. You can also have it read out on request. If the text corresponds to your perceptions, sign the interrogation and your previous instruction.

Even if you have already made a statement when reporting the complaint to file a police report, further interrogations may be necessary later.

Your special rights as a victim of a crime

As a victim of the crime, you must be informed of your special rights as early as possible, regularly in writing and, as far as possible, in a language that you understand to file a police report. You will usually receive this information when you file a complaint or when you are interviewed by a witness.  

The police will give you a leaflet on this. If you have any questions about the leaflet and the rights of victims, do not hesitate to ask them to file a police report. Please note that the police are prohibited from providing legal advice. For individual questions about your victim rights, please contact a legal advisor. Victim support organizations will be happy to help you with your search.

What if you are scared?

Many victims of crime suffer from fear after the crime. Therefore, talk about your fears. Regardless of whether you are interrogated by the police, the public prosecutor’s office to file a police report, or later in court, you can always bring someone you trust and a legal advisor with you to your interrogation.

In many courts, there is the possibility of judicial witness support. There you can z. B. wait for your appointment on the day of the hearing in a so-called witness room. If you wish, the witness support staff will accompany you to your appointment to file a police report. You can also get information and advice there before the court hearing. You can ask the victim support facilities and the police whether there is a witness care facility in your area.

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