How much does a new roof cost?

How much does a new roof cost?
Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material, and start at around $120 per square. (Angie's List)

The costs for a pitched or flat roof cannot be directly compared with one another. On the other hand, there are significant price differences for roofing within the respective categories. In this article, we read about How much does a new roof cost?

In our latitudes, pitched roofs are most common on residential buildings, followed by flat roofs. Occasionally residential buildings are also provided with pent roofs, which basically correspond to half a pitched roof. 

Roughly mentioned, the following factors are decisive for the cost of a new roof:

  • Roof shape
  • material
  • area
  • Laying work

The following examples take into account the various materials and the laying work – but not additional expenses such as scaffolding or aggravating factors such as complicated construction work much does a new roof cost. Any substructures etc. are also not taken into account.

What does a pitched roof cost?

A pitched roof is best covered with concrete or clay tiles. While the pure material costs come to stand at about 30 to 40 francs per square meter, in addition to material installation costs of about 35 francs per m 2 expected upward. Fiber-cement panels are at the cost price of 25 to 35 francs per m 2 a bit cheaper than brick, however, the installation fails with a price of about 40 to 60 francs per m 2 slightly higher impact.

If “a little more” is allowed, fiber cement slate ceilings would be an alternative, or – at the top end of the price segment much does a new roof cost – covers made of stone such as natural slate or marble. Material costs of at least 40 francs per square meter are incurred here – the top of the range is wide open much does a new roof cost. The installation costs are also higher. To achieve this aim perm at least 60 francs 2 are included.

If not only the roof covering but also the insulation must be replaced, in the best case (under-rafter insulation) total costs of at least 125 francs per m 2 must be estimated for a roof renovation much does a new roof cost. Depending on the design (e.g. above-rafter insulation and expensive roofing material), these total costs can also amount to 400 francs per m 2 or more.

What does a flat roof cost?

The very simple variant of a new cover for flat roofs made of plastic or bitumen sheeting is available from around 20 francs per m 2 . 35 francs perm approx for the installation costs two to budget much does a new roof cost.

If the entire flat roof has to be completely renovated (new insulation and sealing layer plus cover material), minimal total costs of 135 francs per m 2 should be incurred.

Would you like your roof green, in addition to the waterproofing layer? You have to pay additional costs, namely, the filling with substrate and the sowing much does a new roof cost. This is a total cost of 30 to 35 francs per m 2 can be expected. While gravel pads for already 20 francs per m 2 can be applied.

For steep and flat roofs: the sheet metal roof

Sheet metal coverings, which can be installed on steep and flat roofs, are a bit out of line. From the cheapest aluminum sheet to the high-priced copper cover much does a new roof cost. The complete installation prices per m 2 can multiply from 100 to 300 francs and more.

Tip: Only allow professionals to go to the roof

A roof construction requires a sophisticated interplay of heat and moisture insulation, ventilation, much does a new roof cost, etc. That is why the construction or renovation of a roof belongs in the hands of specialists. They can also give you information about grants for energetic renovations from the building program.

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