How to change Twitch name – Full Guide 2022

How to change Twitch name? You can easily change your twitch username if you don’t like your current name. It’s not difficult to change both your username on Twitch.

At the point when you change your Twitch username, your profile URL likewise changes. The old profile URL will not divert to the enhanced one, so you should tell individuals of your new profile and physically update any connections.

You will likewise require a confirmed email address in your Twitch record to change your username. what’s more, you can change your username once like clockwork. In the event that you acquire income from Twitch, your income will be postponed on the day you change your username.

How to change Twitch name – On Desktop

How to change Twitch name on desktop? To change your Twitch name on your Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook PC, utilize the Twitch site or the Twitch work area application. Both have a similar point of interaction so you will follow a similar arrangement of steps.

Begin by sending off Twitch on your PC and marking it to your record.

  • In Twitch’s upper right corner, click your profile symbol and pick “Settings.”
  • On the “Settings” page, at the top, click the “Profile” tab.
  • In the “Profile” tab, look down to the “Profile Settings” segment. Here, to change your username, click the pencil symbol close to “Username.”
  • In the “Change Username” box that opens, click the “Username” field and type your new username. Then click “Update.”
  • In the event that you might want to change your showcase name, click the “Show Name” field and type another name. Note that this must be the promoted or non-promoted form of your username.
  • To save your settings, at the lower part of the “Profile Settings” segment, click “Save Changes.”

How to change Twitch name – On Mobile

How to change Twitch name on a mobile phone? On your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, utilize the Twitch application to change your username or show name.

To do as such, first, send off the Twitch application on your phone.

  • In the application’s upper left corner, tap your profile symbol.
  • On the “Record” page, tap “Record Settings.”
  • On the “Settings” page, tap “Record.”
  • Select “Alter Profile.”
  • Here, to change your username, tap the “Username” field. To change your showcase name, tap the “Show Name” field all things being equal. We’ll tap the previous.
  • In the “Change Your Username” brief that shows up, tap “Change Username.”
  • Tap the “Username” field and enter your new Twitch username. Save your progressions by tapping “Save” in the upper right corner.

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