How to Write an Essay on Mother’s Day with Tips

Mother’s day is celebrated on May 8 every year. It is one of the most awaited occasions all over the world. Social media is bombarded by wishes, captions, pictures and quotes on this day to celebrate Mother’s Day. It’s a great moment for children to show what their mother means to them. You may not be able to communicate your feelings every day. But, Mother’s Day gives you the opportunity to show your love to your mother in front of the whole world.

It is also a common essay topic for students of all academic curriculums. You may have to write essays on this topic for competitive exams such as SAT, TOEFL, IELTS and more. Here is a detailed guide for you to write Mother’s Day essay along with relevant examples by assignment help expert.

Tips for Writing an Essay on Mother’s Day

There are multiple phases involved in essay writing, even if you write it on Mother’s Day. You may not get the hang of all the tips at once. So, don’t make haste while writing the essay. Take your time and follow the phases as described below.

  1. Preparation

Prepare for the Mother’s Day essay first. Sitting down and starting to write won’t get you the grades you want. There’s enough hard work involved.

How to prepare for the essay?

  • Work out what the topic wants you to do
  • Do all the appropriate reading
  • Work out what you are going to say roughly
  • Write an essay plan

The entire process takes about five days or so. But, once it’s done, you will be all set to write the essay.

  1. The Question

There can be different ways to approach the Mother’s Day essay. You need to understand what the question exactly wants you to do. Ask yourself the following to figure out the approach to writing an essay on Mother’s Day.

  • What are the parts of the question? How many things am I supposed to do in the essay?
  • Highlight the difference between relevant views. You may have an opinion in the Mother’s Day essay, but you must explain the same using credible evidence.
  • What concepts do you need to define to get your message across in the essay?

These questions can help you stay on track throughout the writing process. You will understand what resources you need and which terms to describe in the essay for clarification.

  1. Structure

Like any other essay, the Mother’s Day essay should also have three parts:

  • An introduction to say what your arguments are and how you are planning to prove them
  • The body is broken down into at least three paragraphs where you explain a new point in each paragraph.
  • A conclusion where you summarise the major points in the essay.

Here’s what to do for each paragraph:

  • Summarise the point in a single sentence
  • Show the evidence you will be using to make your point.
  • Show the transition from the preceding point to the succeeding one.

A good introduction is a roadmap for your essay. It shows the major topic you are covering and highlights how your readers can relate to it. It shows your readers that you know what you are talking about. It should make them want to carry on reading.

Similarly, a conclusion is more than just a mere summary. This is your last chance to leave a solid impression on your readers. Compile the major points that you want your readers to remember after reading the essay.

  1. Language and style

Your assignment writer professors aren’t expecting you to write the essay in Shakespearean language. They want your writing to be clear and simple. The clear expression shows that you understand what you are saying. It is important to have a wide vocabulary. But, what is most important is to use the right word in the right place.

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