How to pick a lock?

How to pick a lock?


Very important: keep calm. There’s no point in getting upset or panicking. In the following article, we get to know about how to pick a lock? So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys.

First, you look for all possible alternatives to get back into your own four walls. This is much easier and cheaper than picking the door lock yourself.

Use a duplicate key to pick a lock

Even if it seems evident at first, this is probably the easiest solution if a family member or roommate has a duplicate key. 

Look for an open window to pick a lock.

If a window is open or tilted, the way into the house or apartment is no longer difficult. Even if a window is listed, it can be opened from the outside – so be sure to take a look!

Check the patio door to pick a lock.

In exceptional cases, the patio door may not have been locked – be sure to check! When it’s finished, keep looking for alternatives.

Use the back entrance, cellar or garage.

Back entrances, the basement or the garage, can also be ways into the house or apartment. Check all doors and windows!

Pick the door lock | Instructions for beginners

To pick a door lock, you first have to differentiate between two primary cases: the door has just slammed, or the door is locked.

If the door just fell into the lock, it can be opened relatively quickly without a key. Incidentally, it makes no difference whether the key is inside or not. 

If you want to pick a locked door lock, it becomes a lot more challenging. Then you have to choose the cylinder lock yourself, which can take time – so in an emergency, contact your neighbours or friends, you may no longer be able to get into the house or apartment. 

We have created an overview of the techniques for cracking a locked lock cylinder (scroll down).


Therefore, if the door has just closed, all you have to do is press the latch on the door from the outside. Once it’s pushed down, you can open the door. 

There are different techniques to open the door:

You can read here how exactly this works and how you can do it yourself without tools:

Open the door with a card

Open the front door without a key

Crack the door | Open the lock cylinder without a key

When the door is locked, it becomes much more demanding. To pick a locked door lock, you have to open the lock cylinder without a key.

However, there are many different techniques that we will introduce and explain in turn. It will always take a while to pick a door lock yourself, so take your time.

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