How to braid your own hair?

How to braid your own hair?
Fishbone braid

Here we explain the basic version of hair braiding to you. You can also dare to use the five other great braided hairstyles below if you have mastered these. But all in good time. In this article, we read about How to braid your own hair?

How to braid your own hair

Prepare hair properly to braid your own hair

The easiest way to do this is to braid your hair a day or two after washing. Freshly washed hair is usually very soft and has less grip.

A mousse (in damp hair), a texture spray, and a dry shampoo (in dry hair) can also provide more hold and structure. They also bring more volume into the hair, and the braid looks fuller afterward. If you want your braid to be smooth, soft, and shiny, use hair oil beforehand.

Expert tip: It can often help curl your hair with a curling iron or straightening iron before braiding. The waves have more structure, improve the hold, and fall-out strands have a great swing.

Braid hair step by step

  1. Thoroughly brush your hair to remove any knots.
  2. Secure your hair in a high or low ponytail, or leave it open.
  3. Now you divide it into three strands of equal thickness.
  4. First, place the left strand over the middle strand so that it now becomes the middle.
  5. Then you place the right strand over the middle strand.
  6. Then again, leftover center, then right over the center, and so on.
  7. So you go on step by step until you get to the ends of your hair.
  8. Braid the braid tightly so that it is snug. You can always loosen it up later.
  9. Secure the braid at the ends with a small hair elastic.
  10. Then you can pull the braid apart with your fingers and pull out individual strands at the front of your face.

After braiding

If you are satisfied with the result, you can now use some more hairspray to hold the braid in place and avoid flying hairs. If individual strands fall out that bothers you, you can fix them with bobby pins.

Instructions: 5 great braided hairstyles to style

French plait to braid your own hair

It is the classic among braided hairstyles and is particularly popular. The French braid is perfect for sports but can also be an eye-catcher with a great scrunchie. The braid is braided from 3 strands. First, the left strand is braided over the middle and then the right strand over the middle. Gradually, more and more hair is added.

Herringbone braid

The fishtail braid is exceptionally detailed, looks complicated at first glance, but it is not at all. With a bit of practice, you can be sure to get it done. This braid is braided from 2 strands. Strands are alternately taken from one strand to the other.

Dutch braid

The Dutch braid works similarly to the French braid, except that the braid rests on the head. Here too, three strands are braided. Here, however, the right and left strands are alternately placed under the middle strand

Conclusion : 

Braided hair is not only practical, hair-friendly, and stylish. It can also be an artistic statement or a special ritual. There is an infinite number of ways to braid your hair. Once you have mastered the basic technique that we explained to you above, you have no limits. Some styles take a little practice but don’t worry. You’ll eventually get the hang of it. We have given you the best tips for braiding hair and instructions for our favorite braiding hairstyles.

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