How to give a cat a pill?

How to give a cat a pill?

Almost every cat friend was faced with the situation that his cat was sick, the vet gave him pills, but the cat ultimately refused to take them. Our cats do not like to eat things that they do not like or forcibly administered to them. But how does the tablet get into the cat? In this article, we read about How to give a cat a pill?

You are behavior when administering medication.

Cats have a very keen sense of mood. They can smell fear or tension. For this reason, you must be completely calm and relaxed. Medication administration must be just as natural for you, like brushing your teeth daily, inserting your contact lenses, or making bread. Because if you go into the cramped kitchen and resort to cat medicine, your cat will feel what is about to happen, and you have lost.

There are different ways we humans can relax. You have to find the right one for yourself. With the tablet in hand, the goal should be that you have the same charisma as if you just wanted to stroke your cat’s head. When you have achieved that, the tablet is as good as it is in the cat.

The different input methods to give a cat a pill

There are a few different ways that you can give tablets to your cat. Which method is the right one for your velvet paw also depends on the character of your animal. Some approaches can also be wonderfully combined.

Hiding method

Any smelling solid food that your cats can taste is excellent for hiding tablets. Liver sausage, cream cheese, ground beef, butter, and snack sticks are just a few of them. This method is very suitable for hungry cats and for tablets that hardly have a taste of their own.

Mixing method

Tablets that do not have a strong taste of their own – unfortunately, some are very bitter – can also be finely crumbled with a mortar or the back of the spoon. The resulting powder can then be mixed well with a small portion of wet food. But be careful: some tablets, such as thyroid tablets, must not be crushed! Would you please ask your veterinarian whether the tablet to be administered can be overcome?

In the skin smear method to give a cat a pill

Powdered tablets can be mixed with a tasty and somewhat sticky substance such as butter or various pastes from specialist retailers (see above, mixing method), which you can then smear on your cat’s paws or even directly on the snout “as you walk by.” The cat’s natural reflex is to lick its face or brush its fur. However, this method is not suitable for every cat. Some do not mind at all. The “stuff” is cleaned away and is good. Others perceive the soiling of the fur as an unpleasant violation of their limits.

Direct input method to give a cat a pill

When you are really entirely relaxed, and your cat is lying and sleeping somewhere just as simple, take the tablet between your thumb and forefinger and approach to cuddle your cat just as you usually would. Caress her. Maybe you whisper tender words of endearment in her ear. In this everyday situation, put your index finger and thumb of one hand over the cat’s head and gently bend it backward – your vet can show you this grip – the cat’s mouth opens in this way, and you let go with the other hand the tablet will fall into the cat’s throat. Then you should gently hold her snout and rub her throat with a downward movement, which encourages you to swallow. They whisper tender things in her ear again and keep cuddling as if nothing had happened.

If you can be relaxed and relaxed about taking pills, then one or more of these four methods is suitable for both of you. The prerequisite is your attitude and charisma. Of course, the cat in question shouldn’t be a wildcat. A towel can be used for cats who react quickly to anger, as shown in the video above.

Triggers and Illness

Every tense situation, every fight with your cat leads to unnecessary stress for both of you. And stress, in particular, should be avoided in sick cats, as it triggers some illnesses or delays the healing process. Cats forced to do something they do not want or that frightens them develop unexpected strength and physical abilities. Most of the time, one or two people are not enough to force the cat to administer medication.

To prevent this cycle, to be prepared for an emergency, it makes sense to practice giving tablets and the like fairly soon after your cat has moved in. Create a playful ritual with these dry exercises, and then always reward your cat with exuberant praise, pats, and treats.

Aids for entering tablets

In the meantime, one or the other help is available for purchase. There is a tablet dispenser for the direct entry method:

  • There is a tablet dispenser for the direct entry method.
  • A tablet mortar is suitable for crushing the tablets – if this is permitted with the corresponding medication.
  • Tablettentelierare is very helpful if you need to share a pill or quarters.
  • For the hiding method, some threats are particularly suitable for hiding: Easy Pill.

The administration of medication does not have to become stressful for you and your cat. Much depends on you and your attitude towards medicine and the process of entering. Get creative – almost all treats are allowed when entering medication.

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