How to Make the Perfect Messy Bun?

A messy bun isn’t as easy as it sounds. This is one of those hairstyles that looks like a quick step but, in reality, can take as much time and effort as an elegant wedding dress. In this article, we read about How to Make the Perfect Messy Bun?

The struggle is very real, but at the risk of looking like that girl in school who always managed to look perfectly flawed in your morning classes, it’s really not that hard to learn how to make a messy bun.

Because once you get to know your hair and practice a bun that works for you, you’ll be mastering it in no time.

Here are 4 messy bun tutorials for all different hair types

All you need are some hair ties, a pair of bobby pins, and a strong sense of purpose.

The best messy bun for long hair:

  1. Tie your hair like you would a regular ponytail.

You can do this by turning your head upside down to keep plenty of texture or stay upright. Don’t use a brush! 

  1. Once your hair is firmly fixed, pull some hair to loosen it from the ponytail and give it a styled look.

Free some shorter pieces to frame your face, as many as you want.

  1. Take another hair tie and wrap it once.

On the second round, pull your hair only halfway so that a bun is on your head, but the ends of your hair are out.

  1. Fasten the elastic around the part of the bun.
  2. Grab the ends that were left out of the bun and twist them around the base of the bun.
  3. Secure the ends with bobby pins. And some hairspray if needed.
  4. Play around with your sandwich, taking out a few pieces and adding texture.

Do what feels best for you!

Quick Tip: Messy buns work best on day-long hair. Try using hairspray, texturizing spray, or dry shampoo to give your hair more texture if you need it.


The best messy bun for short hair:

The eternal struggle in the lives of people with short hair is like getting those wavy strands at the nape of the neck to stand up in a pony. This bun is the perfect hack for those looking to get short hair in the cutest messy bun.

  1. Gather your hair in a messy ponytail at the top of your head.

Keep your fingers wide and avoid using a brush to keep them sloppy. Ignore those annoying falling layers (we’ll get to that later).

  1. Use a hair tie to fully tie the ponytail once.

As you wear the tie again, pull your hair only halfway to create a bun. Repeat again to secure the bun if needed.

Your sandwich will look crazy at this point, but be patient. Pull-on any piece you wish to loosen to add texture.

  1. Smooth out the parts of the bun that protrude too much and secure it with bobby pins or hairspray.
  2. Twist and tuck in the extra-long pieces that protrude from the base of your bun.
  3. Take the loose strands at the neck, brush upwards with hairspray, tie them at the ends with a small elastic or secure them with a hairpin.

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