How to make an envelope ?

There is no doubt that homemade envelopes are fantastic that add a unique touch to any note, report, or letter. You could quickly make an envelope at your home utilizing a few essential supplies. And the good thing is by carefully following the steps – you can make a perfect one even in one minute. Here we have gathered three methods that will help you make an envelope in three different styles. So, let’s dig deeper into it!

Method #1: Make a Pouch Envelope

Here we have listed some steps. Take a look: 

  • Grab a paper that is about 2* as large as your wanted envelope measurement. If this is confusing you, take a standard size of 9.5 by 12 inches. 
  • Now, fold the measured paper from the center evenly. You will get a quadrilateral half the size of your first piece.
  • Joint them together on the open left-hand and right-hand sides. Apply tape to connect the open edges of the quadrilateral. But make sure that you leave the top side open because the top is where you will include your letter.
  • After that, bring down the top side to create a flap. Make a tiny flap by closing down the free edge of the quadrilateral. r
  • Enter the letter or card in it. Turn back the flap, and include your letter or anything you like. 
  • Fold the flap again and stick it to keep your content enclosed.

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Method #2: Make a Taped 

Here comes another fantastic method to make a freakish envelope in seconds. Here are the steps: 

  • Place a rectangular-shaped paper down longitudinally (landscape-style). You could test with paper sizes. Yet, if there is any doubt, a standard-sized (9.5 x 12 inches) will work best for you.
  • Collapse the paper in moiety alongside. Pair up the edges of the paper piece to make sure the folded line is straight. Now, clasp down on the closed edge – with your thumbs to make a fold. 
  • Now, unfold the creases and bring the top right corner along the center crease. Meanwhile, the end of the right corner is reaching the centerfold in a straight line. Make a crease the corner down. By doing so will set a triangle shape with the top edge corner.
  • Now, do the same thing with the top left corner and fold it up along the center crease.
  • Now, fold one inch of the top and bottom sides near the center ridge. Collapse the right end of the paper onward to the bottom of the triangle. 
  • Add the message and tape the sides to shut.

Method #3: Make a Square Origami Envelope

A square-shaped Envelope is easier to make. 

  • Take 7*7 inches of paper, fold it from the center. It will look like a triangle. 
  • Now, fold the ground corner up to the central crease. And collapse the flattened bottom of the nook up to the central crease.
  • After that, fold the right and left corners to the middle ridge. And Fold back the edge of the right corner. 
  • Once you do so, make the tiny triangle open. And finally, drag the head edge of the envelope into the minute opening. It is ready!

So, this is how you can make envelopes at home in three different ways! 

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