How to get blood out of sheets ?

Assume you have spread a clean and neat white-colored bed sheet, and you slept over it in a deep sleep. The next day when you suddenly wake up, you find bloodstains on the bedsheet. You tweak yourself to verify if it was a nightmare. Unfortunately, it is not. You grab the sheet and try to clean it, but you fail. Now, the only question revolving around your mind is how to get blood out of sheets? 

Hold on. There is good news! It is possible to get blood out of sheets by following easy ways. In this post, we will guide you on some methods that may help you out! So, let’s get started, readers!

Take off Your Sheet

The first and foremost thing, remove your sheet immediately from the bed. It will help stop the spreading of blood onto your quilts and mattress.

Use Cold Water

Bear in mind: cold or icy water can get the job done pretty quickly. Cool water is more active than hot water, as it prevents blood from setting on the fabric. Ensure to cleanse the blood with ice-cold water as fast as you perceive it. 

Pat, do not rub

We want you to know that dabbing the blood-stained section with a wet rag is also effective. Do not try to rub the sheets with each other as it could create a mess by expanding the stain. The process of dabbing can remove the excess stains. Ensure to pat instead of rubbing.

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As you have patted the sheet with water, dip the bedsheet in ice-cold water for at least 20-30 minutes. 

Use an Effective Stain Fighter. There are several household items you can utilize but first, go with hydrogen peroxide and water. You can use solid detergents that could remove the bloodstains without hurting the bedsheet’s material.

Go for Machine Wash get blood out of sheets

The next step that most women do is putting the bedsheet in the washing machine for direct washing. Yet, you have to make sure that you follow all the steps first, then come to this one afterward. We suggest you put your sheet in the solution for 24 hours, then throw it in the machine for intense cleaning.

Apply Lemon Juice or Hydrogen Peroxide

Suppose you are not satisfied with the machine wash. Or if you want to shield the fabric of the bedsheet, use household items. Lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide are the best items to utilize at this point. Dabbing the sheet using any of them can help fade the red mark.

Use Salt to get blood out of sheets

You can add salt to a container full of ice-cold water. Dip the stained sheet for at least 3 hours. After that, clean the sheet with chilled water.

Use Cornstarch or Baking Soda to get blood out of sheets

The last thing you can do is to make cornstarch or soda paste. Utilize this paste on the bloodstain and split it to air-dry naturally under the sunlight. When it gets dry, remove the excess with a slight rub.


Bloodstains are sturdy that set up in the sheet fibers quickly. So, don’t ignore or walk on the process slowly. Follow the steps as fast as you can to get bloodstains out quickly. 

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