Types of Photography You Need to Know!

Photography is now a day one of the increasing professions and Photographers are earning a lot because of this. But it’s not only that it is used on a professional level but also personally people are getting attracted toward it recently. This is because of the increase in technology or the use of mobiles, cameras; people are getting attracted toward social media, etc. As a result of which there is an increase in the scope of Photography. Well, when we study Photography, we might look that it has a number of types such as;

 Fashion photography:

Fashion Photography is something related to the current fashion as different landscapes and places or studios are might be chosen by different photographers or companies, and dresses are selected according to the fashion and models too.

As a particular model is selected and the company tries its different dresses. On the model on different backgrounds. For the use of advertisements or social media to attract people for the sale of their products or for popularity.

 Street photography:

 Street photography is something related to nature, as you are traveling somewhere and want to capture the beauty of that place or some common places.

In this type of Photography, you don’t have to select a particular place, whatever if you are working on your account or any project; if you are good at capturing nature, you can make even a commonplace as something fantastic. As people are attracted toward nature, this type of Photography is also very likable nowadays.

Food photography:

 Then there comes food photography which may be chosen by any professional who is a cook or restaurant manager; for popularity, he does this type of Photography, so people get attract toward his restaurant or food. And sometimes the foodie people who love food visit different restaurants and post about their favorite foods and restaurants. But keep one thing in mind that the food which you are seeing will not prove that good sometimes because the actual is replace by artificial.

Architectural Photography:

 This is one of the oldest types of Photography started in 1826. It’s somewhat the same about the capturing of nature, but the things which are captured differ a little bit as about skyscrapers and gothic gargoyles, which are captured in different colors and forms.


 I personally prefer this type very much. Because it captures the thing. As it is not to portray it as beautiful. But to show the reality. It is about the current breaking news most of the time. As their work is to capture the moment. Going on at that time to show the reality of surroundings to people. It might be about weather conditions, poverty, different areas, sports, traveling, so you can even include the above-discussed genres into it.

So it doesn’t end there when you notice many other kinds as well, such as; sports photography, wildlife photography, fine-art photography, documentary photography, astrophotography, abstract Photography, long-exposure Photography, Commercial Photography, Time-lapse photography, Environmental portrait, concert photography, and many more.

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