A Beginners Guide to Taking Still life photography

Still, life photography has been considered one of the types of photography. However, the uniqueness of its name, known as still life photography, is because of its matters depicting lifelessness. Different arts are presented there, but the art shows the things without any hustle-bustle of life. In the following article, we get to know about Still life photography? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

For example, the things which can’t move on their own like different foods, products, pots, vases, shells, rocks, tabletops, etc. There isn’t a need for any particular object for it; you can choose any of them according to your choice.

Even the subjects presented are lifeless, but the photographers, by adding different lighting, arrangement, and forms, try to bring life and beauty to it. So, even the background isn’t that important, but understanding and lighting are.

Benefits of still life photography:

It has a benefit for the new starters as the photographer doesn’t have to search for a particular place, but he can create it independently.

One more benefit is that you don’t need to load with several types of equipment, there is just a need for the table you can consider as your whole studio, with a window for lighting. Then there isn’t any need for a good camera if you know the arrangement well you can do with a normal one. But if you want to move a little forward, then that lightning as it is a very important need, so you can use light reflectors as it helps to give a delicate look to the shadows and highlights your subject, and then it has several surfaces, white, silver, gold, black, etc.

Then there is a need for lenses, so always choose macro lenses. One of the best is telephoto lenses, as it helps to fill the frame with the subject and help focus subjects.

Tips for still life photography:

Then there are some tips you have to keep in mind while photographing;

  1. Before starting to shoot, plan all the things, as you have freedom, you can choose any of the place or object but keep in mind before, that how you will arrange it, and what lightening you will use.
  2. If you are shooting in front of a window, if you don’t have other equipment for lighting so don’t choose the one with direct exposure to sunlight because it can affect the subject you want to shoot.

3. So best is to shoot on cloudy days as there isn’t sunlight exposure, but if you want to hit on a sunny day, use a white curtain in front of your window.

4. Instead of using your hands, use a tripod stand.

5. Always choose the objects which have a contrast with each other.

So, it’s one of the very easy types of starting photography and less costly than the other ones. Then there isn’t need for any special equipment, and huge experience, any particular place or background.

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