How to make PDF in mobile?

How to make PDF in mobile?

We already use the mobile for everything, for practically any day-to-day task that comes to mind. Make a shopping list, get the closest route to our destination, and, yes, also make a phone call, don’t forget. In the following article, we get to know about How to make PDF in mobile? So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys.

Now, with the new Adobe Scan application, scanning documents with your mobile and converting them to PDF will be more accessible than ever to make PDF in mobile. And, best of all, you can do it for free. Do you want to know more about Adobe Scan? Keep reading!

In the Android application store, We have a great application to be able to scan our documents and convert them into PDF, obtain good quality images, and optimize their visualization with results like copying to make PDF in mobile. To get Adobe Scan, you just have to go to its section in the Android Play Store and download it. Its installation file is just under 30MB to make PDF in mobile.


We must have an Adobe user or connect our Facebook or Google accounts to start using this application to make PDF in mobile. Once connected, you only have to point the camera at a document and, when the blue zone detects it, it will capture automatically, without having to press the shutter. You can also capture any element that has written text to make PDF on mobile. You can try images from the computer, business cards, notes on a blackboard (to avoid losing anything that the teacher explains), to make PDF on mobile, etc.

If the document’s scene is to be scanned is a bit dark, we can activate the flash to enhance the light. In addition, in the gallery button, we can digitize any document, and save it in PDF format, that we have photographed previously to make PDF in mobile.

Once you have made the PDF, you can edit it if the automatic cropping does not satisfy you. You have different tools for this, such as the one to adjust the corners (a magnifying glass will magnify the document so that this adjustment is perfect), the one to sort the records, rotate them, highlight magic wand, and a button to delete the scanned document.

Once the document is saved as PDF, we can share it through applications such as WhatsApp or open it in the Acrobat Reader application.


Unlike other similar applications, Adobe Scan offers advantages such as recognizing the text of any document/writing/image very effectively to make PDF in mobile. For example, if we need to scan a computer screen, we will only have to point with the application’s camera, automatically recognizing it to make PDF in mobile. This automatic mode can be disabled on the scan screen itself, in the upper ba to make PDF in mobile.

Additionally, Adobe Scan features Optical Character Recognition technology for cleaner, more enhanced text scans. Once a document capture. It will go to the Adobe cloud (Adobe Document Cloud). So, that you have all your documents, receipts, invoices. And forms always at hand and without danger of loss.

In this simple way, you can digitize documents to make PDFs on mobile. And convert them into PDF whenever you want. Just download Adobe Scan and start scanning to make PDF on mobile. It is also free and without ads or purchases within it.

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