How to get rid of a canker sore?

How to get rid of a canker sore?

A canker sore is a mouth disease that affects the gums, the inner part of the mouth. It is like a mouth ulcer that also affects the lip area. However, it creates many difficulties while eating or making conversations. In the following article, we get to know about How to get rid of a canker sore? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

Its structure is white or yellow with a reddish surface around it. It occurs due to hormonal imbalance, stomach problems, viruses, and dehydration. Moreover, it takes 3-4 weeks to heal without any medication. Some medicated balms and creams don’t suit some persons, but home remedies for canker sore can effectively treat it to get rid of a canker sore.

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Steps to treat canker sore

Following are the steps to cure canker sore.

1- Alum powder has the property to cure tissue and shrink it. Mix alum powder with water. Apply it in the mouth and rinse it with water. Perform this activity till the canker sore heal.

2- Mixing salt in water is one of the best home remedies. Rinse your mouth with salt water several times a day. It helps to cure canker sores within days. Saltwater kills germs or viruses, which helps in healing faster to get rid of a canker sore.

3- Baking soda has a healing power that reduces inflammation. Wash mouth with this liquid to shrink canker sore.

4- One of the main reasons for canker sore is stomach acidity. Eat yogurt to cure the stomach, and ultimately it leads to a cure of the canker sore to get rid of a canker sore.

5- Honey is used as an anti-fungus or antibacterial. It lessens the pain, shrinks the soreness, and heals fastly. Apply honey inside the mouth to cure the infection.

6- Coconut oil is one of the oils used even for injuries. It is naturally an antibacterial used to heal the sore and the redness.

7- Use an antibacterial mouth wash and use it daily and avoid eating junk or more acidic food.


Mouth infections often lead to weakness and internal body deficiency because it affects eating habits. The above-mentioned remedies help out a person to cure their canker sore. These remedies can be performed at home without any serious medication and without visiting a doctor. There are some mouth creams that can be applied in the mouth overnight to cure it on ta doctor’s recommendation. If you are using any other remedy to cure canker sore discuss it in the comment below.

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