How many Calories are in a cup of tea?

How many Calories are in a cup of tea

Tea in Our Daily Life 

Starting a day without a cup of tea is complicated for numerous people as tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. Some people suffer from headaches, and others can’t get rid of their laziness if they miss the tea in their breakfast. However, you need to know what calories are and how many calories are available in a cup of tea if you’re diet conscious. A calorie is a unit of energy that gives you the power to function. Yet, having an excessive amount of calories can cause weight gain. Therefore, it’s crucial to be conscious of the exact amount of calories in your diet.

Types of Tea

Being specific to tea, having information on tea’s tea types and conditions is mandatory, like black tea is favorite in America, and most eastern people like ginger and green tea. As we have such details, we’ll be able to figure out the number of calories that people get by having a cup of tea.

As there are distinct types of tea, people use tea according to their specific region’s taste. Some use tea with sugar, milk, and honey, and many others include ginger and some other ingredients to enhance the taste of tea and make it more like their flavor. However, including every single element impacts the calories numbers of the tea that can boost your energy and escalate your weight

How Many Calories Are Present In a Cup Of Tea?

The below-mentioned chart defines the basic types of tea and calories in it. Look over it if you wish to know the number of calories in your tea.

Tea  Per Cup 
Green/Peach Tea 2 Calories 
Red Berry & Flower  2 Calories 
Camomile  2 Calories
Lemongrass & Ginger 2 Calories
Redbrush  2 Calories 
Black Tea 2 Calories 


As described earlier, many people have tea by including multiple ingredients, and milk is their topmost. Yet, adding milk to the tea increases the calories in the tea, and it’s required to be aware of how many calories your particular milk contains if you are fat. Moreover, having a moderate amount of calories in your tea provides a good taste of the tea and gives you a good number of calories. However, if you’re diet conscious and want to know how many calories you’re getting by using the sugar, honey, and your particular milk in your tea, the following chart will provide you with your desired follow-up. 

Milk Amount Calories Number 
Organic Low-Fat Milk  ¼ Per Cup 32
Whole Milk ¼ Per Cup 40
Non-Fat Milk ¼ Per Cup 25
Sweetened Condensed Milk 2 Tablespoon 130
Evaporated Milk 2 Teaspoon 140
Goat’s Milk ¼ Per Cup 25
Sugar  1 Teaspoon (4 Grams) 15
Honey  1 Teaspoon (4 Grams) 40 


The mentioned details briefly explained the number of calories in different ingredients that we add to the tea. If you wish to know the exact calories’ number that you take by having a cup of tea, count the calories of each ingredient. For example, if you add a ¼ cup of goat milk and one teaspoon of sugar to a cup of black tea, you will get 42 calories in this way.

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