The Gentleman’s Guide to Smoking RAW Rolling Papers

Back in the swinging ’60s, when cannabis was a hidden treasure trove of experiences, the sophistication in smoking was more about the technique and less about the equipment. Today, in this golden age of cannabis appreciation, both technique and tools matter. And when we discuss the tools, RAW Rolling Papers and Raw Cones invariably rise to the top.

From the commune-loving, peace-promoting days of Woodstock to the modern metropolitan gentleman’s abode, the transition has been phenomenal. But as any seasoned smoker will tell you, the essence of a good smoke lies in the paper’s quality. Here, I’ll walk you through the sheer brilliance of RAW products, ensuring you smoke with the elegance and refinement of a true gentleman.

  1. The Authentic Experience with Raw Cones: Dive straight into the world of RAW with Raw Cones. These gems are the perfect fit for those looking to avoid the fuss of rolling. Six times out of ten, when I find myself reminiscing about the old days with a joint in hand, it’s been rolled with Raw Cones. Their organic, slow-burning nature is like a fine wine: every drag is a testament to its premium quality.
  2. Understand Your Size – King Size Conundrums: The choice between raw cones king size and other variants often stumps many. But remember, a gentleman knows his needs. The raw king size cones are perfect for extended sessions, being able to hold up to 1.5g of herb and measuring at a neat 109mm with a 26mm tip. There’s nothing quite like pulling out a king size when the occasion demands it.
  3. Savoring the Simplicity with Raw Papers: Sometimes, you wish to go old school, and that’s when Raw Papers step into the limelight. Twice, I’ve been asked at soirées about the papers I use. The answer always elicits nods of approval, for Raw Papers are synonymous with a refined taste.
  4. The Pinnacle of Thinness – RAW Blacks: In your smoking journey, you’ll come across a plethora of papers, but few match the elegance of black raws. Just like the tailored suit that hangs in your wardrobe, these papers are precision incarnate. As the thinnest ever made in rolling paper history, RAW Blacks offer an unparalleled, delicate smoking experience.
  5. Know Your Herb: While Raw Cones and RAW Rolling Papers are key, the gentleman’s guide would be incomplete without mentioning the herb’s quality. As a long-time home grower, trust me when I say, the blend of your choice and RAW’s organic, clean-burning paper is a match made in heaven.
  6. The Etiquette: A gentleman is known not just by his choice of papers or cones but also by his smoking etiquette. When using Raw Cones or Raw Papers, ensure a uniform fill, gentle drags, and always respect the rotation.

Through the haze of years and countless sessions, from Hendrix’s riffs to the smooth jazz of today, my love affair with cannabis has remained constant. And in many of those moments, RAW has been a trusty companion. Every drag from a RAW product is not just a puff but a nostalgic trip down memory lane, melded with the thrill of the contemporary. So, light up and embark on this gentlemanly journey with RAW. It’s one you won’t regret.

Green Blazer is a certified RAWthentic pre rolled cones distributor. They are a homegrown Las Vegas small business cultivating community and culture one cone at a time.

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