Many of us eat too many sweets from time to time. In addition, many unsweetened foods contribute to high blood sugar levels. In any case, people who are confronted with this problem for the first time often wonder what they can and cannot eat. It is surprising, but there are quite common foods that contribute to lower blood sugar levels.


The daily diet of a person on a diet should consist of food with a glycemic index not exceeding 55 units. The consumption of such food normalizes sugar levels. This measure performs a restraining role to prevent a sugar spike. Lean meats, fish, seafood, cucumbers, broccoli, spinach, celery, asparagus, and various types of cabbage are just right. You can have brown rice, beans, lentils, and bulgur as a side dish to meat. If you consume fruit, consider apples, berries, lemons, and grapefruit. For a balanced menu, you should eat as much vegetable fat as possible (olive oil, pumpkin oil, mustard oil, coconut oil). As the most useful drinks, you should give preference to green tea, plain clean water, coffee without milk and (naturally!) sugar. You can drink unsweetened juices prepared by yourself, for example, from apples, grapefruit, tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables. 


To start eating right, you need to remove pure sugar and baked goods from your diet. They can be replaced with healthy fruits and berries. Even if you play your favourite casino game or enjoy live betting on live online casino Canada, you can always find a healthy alternative to purchased chips or unhealthy snacks – make yourself a big portion of a salad of healthy green vegetables with a dressing of olive oil, lemon juice and flax seeds, add avocado, sliced fish, tomatoes to the salad, and you will not stay hungry. And there are a few more important tips to follow. Eat often, but not very much. For example, a day can be three main meals with small portions and 2-3 more snacks. You should drink 1.5-2 litres of clean water a day. And if you cook food at home, you should give preference to boiling, steaming, and stewing. These three cooking options are the closest to proper nutrition and will not harm your body.

And don’t forget positive thinking and consistency in following good nutrition principles. It won’t be easy at first, but you’ll feel more alert, better, and more confident later on.

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