Why Should a Learner Opt for Studying Maths Online?

Maths is a subject which gives terror to some students. Some students have a maths phobia. They don’t understand anything about them.

For those students, online education is very helpful as in online education teachers create a good environment and interact with them personally to solve and clear the concepts. It also saves time for the students as in study math online classes students don’t have to travel to take their classes.

What are the Benefits of Studying Maths Online?

Studying maths online is very beneficial.

  • In an online class, we don’t have to worry about time and places. we can do our class at any time according to our convenience. we don’t have to leave our place and do classes.
  • We can choose those tutors whom we can understand fully.
  • Subjects like maths require high confidence and good mental health, online tutors help to maintain them.
  • By studying online we can also develop our technological skills. Nowadays technological skills are as important as reading skills and others.
  • Sometimes, we find mathematics boring online classes that make mathematics fun as they also include some games and fun activities.
  • In online classes tutors’ only focus will be us; they will guide only us and will have full attention to the individual.
  • During school classes and in-person classes, we have to choose between focusing on the lesson or making notes. But in online classes, we can manage both. Online classes provide pdf notes which can be accessed at any time.
  • We can also record our online lessons and can watch if doubt arises after the class.

What Do You Understand by the Surface Area of the Cylinder?

It has two parallel circular bases which are joined by a curved surface at a fixed point.

The line which joins the circular bases is known as the axis. The line which joins the axis and outer curved surface is known as the radius. The perpendicular distance between the two circular bases is known as height.

Some examples of cylinders are: Pipe, Bucket, dowel, and so on.

The surface area of cylinder is of two types:

  1. Total Surface Area (TSA).
  2. Curved Surface Area (CSA).

1. Total Surface Area:

The total sum of areas of circumferences and the areas of two circular bases are known as total surface area.

   TSA of a cylinder which has height ‘h’  

   and radius ‘r’ is given by:

   TSA=CSA + area of two circular bases.

   TSA=2πrh+2πr*r  sq. units.

So we can write TSA as 2πr(h+r).

2. Curved Surface Area:

The area obtained by eliminating the area of its two circular bases is known as 

 curved surface area.

   CSA of a cylinder which has height ‘h’ 

   and radius ‘r’ is given by:

   CSA=2πrh sq. units. 

 So we can write CSA as 2πrh sq. units.

Few Examples of Surface Area of Cylinder

Example 1: A cylindrical pole has a radius of 70cm and a height is 8m. Get the curved surface region.


According to the formula of CSA,


Here r=70cm=0.7m




        =35.2 sq. meters.

Example 2: A cylindrical tank has a diameter of 120cm and a height is 2m. Get its curved surface region and total surface region.


          diameter=120 cm

          radius ( r)= diameter/2

                           120/2 cm



According to the formula:

CSA =2πrh

        =2*π*0.6*2 sq meters

        =2*22/7*0.6*2 sq. meters

        =0.75sq meters.


       = 0.75+2*22/7*0.6*0.6


       =3.01 sq. meters.

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