Slow downloads? These are the reasons and solutions.

Slow downloads? The Internet is a platform that offers us a wide range of possibilities. We can stay in touch with friends and family. We can also make use of social networks and many other platforms where we can interact. Why is my download speed so slow However, much of the daily use is through the uploading and downloading of files. We can download videos, programs, text files … can also upload them to a server. However, on many occasions, we have problems in this regard. Downloads may be slow, and we don’t know the real reason. In this article, we are going to explain what are the leading causes of slow downloads.

Why downloads are slow

The causes can be very different. Sometimes the problem may be ours, and that we can quickly solve it, while in other cases, it may be from the server, and there is little we can do.

We are going to talk about the most common reasons when downloads are slow. In this way, we will know what to do to avoid them and be able to download files and content from the network at a higher speed.

If you are facing downloading difficulties when you are using the internet, you need to make sure that your connection is well set. You also need to figure out what you are downloading and from which site. If you are downloading game files that are worth 10 GBs, then you need to click here.

Bad coverage: Why is my download speed so slow

One of the leading causes is having poor coverage. It can happen both on mobile and on a desktop computer. In the latter case, logically, it is when we connect wirelessly.

If we notice that the downloads are going wrong, it may be that simply by changing the location. We can significantly improve performance. Our advice is that we take advantage of the use of cable whenever possible and opt for network amplifiers when we have problems. In this way, the Internet speed and the stability of the connection can be better and achieve a more optimal result.

We are using an outdated program. 

Another common reason is that we use a downloadable program, and it is out of date. Maybe we are using an old version that has been improve and does not have the appropriate server, and that cause the download to go slow.

It is always important to keep the systems and the different applications that we are using updated. On the one hand to improve performance, but also for security. Sometimes vulnerabilities can emerge that are exploited by hackers.

There is malware on the system: Why is my download speed so slow

Our system can have viruses. This causes a general malfunction, as well as speed problems when surfing the net or downloading. It is always convenient to carry out periodic analyzes and have security tools. A good antivirus can rid us of the malware that is harming us.

Other applications are using the network.

Each application connected to the Internet will consume limited resources. It will indeed depend on the use they give it and our connection’s capacity. However, if a download is slow, it may be because other programs on that computer are pulling the connection.

When we want the Internet connection to concentrate as much as possible on a task such as a download, we must make sure that there are no other applications connected to the network at that time.

Many devices are connected at the same time. 

Something similar can happen if we have many devices connected at the same time. Each of them will consume resources from our network. It will especially be noticed if our bandwidth is minimal.

If we see that the downloads are slow, it could be because there are other computers connected to the same network and consuming resources. We must control this as much as possible.

Server problem

However, the error may not be ours, but the server we accessed to start the download. In this case, we could not do anything by depending on that server where the files we want to download are hosted. The resources you have may be minimal, and therefore your upload speed is shallow.

Yes, we can change the server. When starting a download on the Internet, we see a series of servers that we can use. They can e be host in different countries. We can try any other and see if these problems persist or on the contrary, we can improve the speed.

Badly configured firewall or antivirus.

If we go back to the causes of our power, one of them is the configuration we have with the antivirus or firewall. Sometimes, a bad configuration can lead to problems that result in a loss of speed when using download platforms.

We must take this into account whenever it is necessary to configure the firewall or antivirus to block or slow down the speed when using a certain application, such as a download program.

We have a speed limit set.

Finally, a general failure when using download applications is that we have a set speed limit. This can be useful if we have a limited connection, and we do not want that when downloading from the network, we cannot navigate normally. They allow us to set a download limit.

Now, that limit may not interest us or that we have set it by mistake. We can alway look and make sure there is no limit set to make the speed as optimal as possible.

Router ports closed: Why is my download speed so slow

Some downloaders need to have certain ports on the router open. As a general rule, most devices come with the ports closed beyond those essential for the operation of the Internet. However, many messaging programs, applications to make calls, games, or downloads may require certain ports open and that we must therefore configure.

For this, we will have to access the router. Normally we can enter through the default gateway, which is usually, with the access credentials. Once inside, depending on the model we have, we will have to look for the section to open the router ports that interest us. Of course, previously, we must know which ports are necessary for that download program to work better since if we open many ports, we will also have security problems.

Use of inappropriate DNS

The DNS servers that we are using can also determine that our connection works worse or better. We have at our disposal a wide range of possibilities in this regard. We can use those of our operators or opt for others in the network, both free and paid.

Downloads may be slow due to the inadequate DNS that we are using. We can easily change them and check if the Internet speed improves and thus solve the possible problems that we have when making downloads.

Ultimately, these are some common causes of slow Internet downloads. We have given some tips to try to solve this problem and not affect us in our day today.

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