Top Tips To Write Better Assignment

  • Are you not getting the desired impression with your assignments?
  • Ending up getting average grades?

There are some ways you can write better assignments and score well. Students need to go through strenuous modules and make time for their assignments.

But scoring a good impression is also important for your academic career. Therefore, we have brought you certain tips through which you can score a good impression on your assignments.

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Tips To Write Quality Assignment

Sometimes scoring well in the assignments remains a conundrum for students. Let us decode the ways that can help you impress your teacher.

1. Selection Of Topic

Selection of the topic is important from the point of view of scoring marks. You will have your options wherefrom you have to select some topic. Select some topic on which you have a good command.

If you select a good topic, you can spend hours on research. This will help you prepare a strong body of work. Things might be difficult if you don’t have a strong body of research.

Also, before stating your assignment, you need to develop a strong body of knowledge on the requirements that your lecturers have demanded. Therefore, you must have to be mindful and aware of whether it is a reference list or other requirements.

2. Have Your Research Done

Now that you have selected your assignment, you need to start extensively with your research. But, first, you can use your library database to sort out the resources.

Apart from this, you can also take information from the educational PDFs available on Google Scholar. There you get many articles on previous research.

Bank on the research articles. They are well-researched articles following the conventions of the university guidelines.

3. Prepare A Structure Beforehand

Prepare a structure beforehand when you start your assignment. Know that there are five chapters in your assignments:

  • Introduction.
  • Literature Review.
  • Research Methodology.
  • Analysis and Discussion and
  • Conclusion.

The best thing to do here is to write the first draft. So, here you frame the complete assignment.

Put all the points in your discussion and ensure you have a good body of research and understanding of the entire topic. Then, when you complete the first draft of your assignment, get it checked by your seniors and teacher.

4. A Great Introduction 

Remember that your introduction chapter needs to be well crafted. You must have a great start to arrest the attention of the readers.

Writing the Introduction is, in a way, opening up your topic. There you provide the goals and objectives of the entire assignment.

A quality assignment will have a well-defined thesis statement. Your thesis statement will provide you with a logical opening for your assignment.

An assignment without a logical opening or, for a say, a thesis statement (argument) may completely derail your assignment.

5. Keep Things Argumentative In Your Body

This is the section where you devote the maximum part, so you will understand how important this section needs to be.

There are certain mistakes you make while writing an assignment.

  • Make each para link with the following paragraph.
  • Write your research in an argumentative mode.
  • Provide as many references to establish your viewpoint.

These steps will definitely add quality to your assignments. You can impress your teachers with quality work on the literature review chapter.

6. Feasibility Of Data Collection 

Be practical with your data collection. You know that you need to write the data collection method in your proposal and chapter three (Research Methodology).

Suppose you write about conducting a survey with employees of a company; you might not manage it as the employees might be working from home.

Thus your data collection methods need to be practical. Therefore you need to work on your research’s feasibility to improve upon your assignment’s practical approach.

Closing The Discussion 

When you finish your assignment, work primarily on the checking. But, first, see that your proofreading is good.

Take the help of software like Grammarly to improve upon your research. This will make your work on the primary aspects of your research. Foll



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