Top 3 Investment Apps

Investment Apps

Have you, like many other people around the world, been looking to get your financial life back on track? Solid finance apps can help you do things like budget, save money, and track your spending to make sure that you’re saving enough money each and every month. 

But, to truly make the most of the money you have saved in your bank account, you need to try and grow and perhaps double the amount through doing things like investing and smart spending. Finance apps that help you manage your money are best paired with an easy-to-use, free investment app. 

Once you’ve done your research on mobile investments then you can start using the app to quickly and efficiently grow your money. 

Let’s take a look at some great investment apps that you should try! 


WealthBase is a great app for those who want to get into stock market trading, but at the same time make the act of investing fun and interesting. It’s an enjoyable to use as playing live casino roulette online, and it can be as rewarding too. 

With this app, you can get into, and understand how to grow your money in the stock market by playing something akin to a trading game. This helps keep the act enjoyable and engaging as well as simple, making this app a must-download for anyone who is new to investing and doesn’t yet understand exactly how the market works. 

Moreover, this app is an amalgamation of social media and stock market trading, meaning that if you invite your friends to download the app you can see what they are investing in, where they are making their money, and share your trading accomplishments. 


Everyone who knows anything about investments and stock market trading knows exactly what RobinHood is, after the app made huge waves in the last few years. 

There are many only investment forums, where the best investments are discussed and the best ways to make money are spoken about and shared, and RobinHood is perhaps the most popular app amongst many of these forums on sites like Reddit. 

If you’re looking to join an investment app that has a large and dedicated community, that is free to use and completely reliable and simple, the RobinHood might be exactly the app for you. 


Finally, we have an investment app that will appeal to people who want to invest and still be socially responsible. 

Ellevest places a large focus on helping people make money while still remaining socially responsible and understanding that a lack of money is a big problem for many people around the world. 

Ellevest has various resources on their website that can help people who are new to investing make the right decisions, and not blow all of their money based on a hunch. This app wants to help people make smart investment decisions and make sure that they are set for the future. 


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