Tips For Choosing The Best Wedding Photographer For Your Dream Day

If you’re looking for wedding photography in Brisbane, you will need some pointers to choose the right photographer. Read the guide to know more about it.


While our world is blessed with many talented photographers that know how to play with the lens best, not all have the eye-specific to weddings. For the esteemed honour of being your wedding photographer, you want to appoint the best of the best for your special day. 

Your wedding day will not just live on in memories but also through photos. It will also live on for years and years to come, for your future generations to witness the love that created them. Capturing these quintessential moments in real-time will preserve them for the rest of your life, for whenever you may wish to cherish them and take a trip down memory lane. 

Making the right choice for this is imperative. If you’re looking for wedding photography in Brisbane, you will need some pointers to choose the right photographer. The Gold Coast wedding photographer that you choose for your special day is going to be the missing piece to your puzzle. Someone that fits right in and takes things to another level! 

How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer

Now, there are many photographers with cameras. Some may pursue it as a hobby, some may do it professionally. You need to choose your photographer according to your aesthetic. Choosing a professional photographer is far better since they have the skills and know the tricks to great photos, they are polished beyond experiments. 

We have created a list of a few questions that you can use and follow while you hunt for the best Sunshine Coast wedding photographer. 

  • Portfolio

Most creative people have a portfolio to present their work. A portfolio will help you in realising the art and style of a photographer and if it matches your demands, you can shortlist them! 

Photographers with an array of photos, different themes and subjects should go a long way. Look for portfolios that go beyond the typical candid shots or staged photography. Try to look for someone who has an eye for capturing not just food and venue photos, but also the aesthetic scale that you are looking for. 

This can help you make sure that you don’t just end up with typical photos or photos that anybody could click. If you’re spending a good amount of money on photos, you may as well get your money’s worth. 

  • Budget

Budgeting is the key to anything and everything. We wish that all of us could just leave the aspect of money aside and work with whatever we like but sadly, for most of us, budget is an issue. So before you even start looking for photographers, set your budget. If this is a discussion you need to have with your partner or your family, there’s no time like the present. 

Once you’ve set a budget, you can start looking for and interviewing potential photographers for your wedding. To make things easier, look at photographers who fit in your budget or are just a little over your budget and are open to negotiation. 

  • Experience

Many believe that you can find a diamond in the rough and if you swear by that notion, experience may not matter much. But when it comes to wedding photography, just skills are not enough. 

A wedding photographer is someone who knows how to make his way through the crowd, dodge picture-hungry uncles and aunties, Instagram-obsessed teens and make it on time to places that will give them the perfect angle for the most picturesque moments. And for these reasons an experienced photographer is crucial. 

You can’t just hire someone who has photographed just one or two weddings. A rookie photographer will struggle to understand your point of view and adapt tricks to make things work. 

  • Don’t Hesitate To Ask Questions

Coming to one of the most essential parts of hiring someone for any job, asking questions. No this is not an interview-based suggestion, this is to make sure that you are well informed and prepared for anything and everything that is headed towards you. 

A wedding is no random party, it is like the king and queen of parties, an event that some people plan for their entire life. And the results of this event are going to be witnessed by everybody only through the lens of a camera and hence, everybody is going to be excited and ecstatic to look through the media. 

Ask your photographers how long will it take for them to edit all content, how long will it take for them to deliver all photos or important videos and when is the latest you should be expecting all the promised content. 

Now that you have these few questions and suggestions lined up, you can begin your screening process. We’re sure that every essential aspect of what you want and how you want it will come to you with the flow! 


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