Some Of The Most Exciting Zombie Movies Of All Time, Ranked


Zombie movies can be spooky, entertaining, or funny. Anyway, they are always entertaining and never go out of style. There must be anything special about this movie genre – terrifying living dead. Here is our list of the top 5 fascinating and terrifying movies about zombies. Even if you have never watched such movies and enjoy JetX games more, look at our list. Ready for a zombie invasion? 

“Resident Evil” (2002)

 “Resident Evil” is a truly legendary zombie invasion movie. The secret corporation “Umbrella”, located deep underground, is developing and creating a dangerous and highly contagious T-virus. Due to a fatal mistake, the virus breaks loose and begins to spread rapidly among the population of the planet. All infected people turn into zombies – creatures that devour everything in their path. The computer system of the corporation destroys all employees to prevent them from becoming carriers, so it becomes impossible to find out the nature of the disease. The investigation is entrusted to a special group. Its member Alice (Milla Jovovich) gets into the center of the corporation and realizes that she is somehow connected with it. Moving through numerous corridors, she gradually finds out shocking details and gets closer to the solution.

“The Crazies” (2010)

In the fictional Ogden Marsh, in which everything used to be calm, peaceful, and quiet, something strange begins to happen. One of the residents comes to a baseball game with a loaded gun and plans to kill everyone. Another locks his son and wife in a closet and tries to burn the house down. What is going on in this town? Sheriff David Dutton (Timothy Olyphant) decides to find it out. He begins to investigate and discovers the wreckage of a downed and crashed military airplane in the local river. Having found out that the water intake is carried out from this river, David realizes that it is all about the crashed plane, or rather what was in it. In a few days, all city inhabitants turn into real zombies. 

The city finds itself in a quarantine zone, and the survivors try to escape. But they find themselves involved in something strange and secret.

 “28 Days Later” (2002) 

Animal rights activists fight for the freedom of the monkeys being experimented on and release them from their cages. But they didn’t know the animals were infected. And when an escaped monkey bites one of the activists, it becomes clear to everyone that the virus is very dangerous. The disease begins to spread and turn all the sick into bloodthirsty and violent walking dead who kill everyone around them. The virus is very quickly transmitted through blood, and soon the whole of London is practically empty and the disease spreads across the country. Survivors and the healthy try to escape, but not everyone succeeds. Twenty-eight days after the infection started spreading, a guy named Jim (Cillian Murphy) came out of a coma. He does not understand what is happening and together with other survivors decides to save humanity from extinction.

“World War Z” (2013)

Former UN employee Gerald Lane (Brad Pitt) and his family find themselves amid terrible events. Philadelphia is hit by a strange and unexplored virus, which in a matter of seconds turns all the infected into aggressive, but incredibly fast, agile, and strong zombies – the living dead. To understand how to fight the virus, we need to find out how, in general, it appeared. Jerry goes on a scientific expedition, which should shed light on what is happening and help find salvation. In this expedition, many die, including a young and promising scientist. On the shoulders of Lane falls a huge responsibility. He must test a drug that will protect against zombies and deliver it to hospitals

“Zombieland” (2009)

According to the plot, the United States of America does not exist, and chaos reigns on its former territory. Many have long ago turned into zombies and are trying to bite or kill those who are still healthy. A simple nerd who never left home before suddenly realized that he could survive and hide from the dead. Soon he meets a man who kills all the zombies that meet on the way. The two then meet two sisters who dream of going on amusement rides. This crazy foursome sets off and decides to survive at all costs.


Do you want to check out more movies about zombies? Then definitely watch the movies from the following list:

  • “Train To Busan”  (2016).
  • “Planet Terror” (2007).
  • “Warm Bodies”  (2013).
  • “Dawn of the Dead”  (1978).
  • “Day of the Dead”  (1985).
  • “Shaun of the Dead”(2004).
  • “The Horde”  (2009).
  • “Dead Alive” (1992).
  • “The Return Of The Living Dead”  (1985). 
  • “Rec” (2007).