How to distill water?

How to distill water?

Distilled water is easy to make. There are many household preparation methods to remove minerals and chemicals in the water to make distilled water. . The easiest way is to use the sun, but the quantity is very small. Today we will share 4 ways to make distilled water. The last three are the most effective ones. Distilled water includes drinking, watering, filling humidifier, steam iron, even fish tank, etc. function. In this article, we read about How to distill water?

Simple version to make distilled water

Material U 1 1 liter distilled water bottle, 1 dark aluminum can

  1. Cut open the plastic bottle, discard the bottom half of the plastic bottle, put the bottom of the top half of the plastic bottle about two scorpions, but remember to keep the bottle cap.
  2. Cut the top of the aluminum can.
  3. Pour untreated sewage into aluminum cans.
  4. Put the plastic bottle in the aluminum can and place it under the sun. The sewage in the aluminum can evaporate and condense inside the plastic bottle due to the heat of the sun. The most efficient method is to inject no more than 1/3 of the full water into the aluminum can, until the water in the can is almost completely evaporated before adding water again, but every time you add water, it is best to not more than 1/3 full.
  5. After one or two hours, the distilled water in the plastic bottle can be collected for drinking.

Homemade distilled water method 1: Use a glass bowl to make distilled water

Materials: You need to prepare a stainless steel pot with a volume of about 18L, tap water, a glass bowl, a round baking rack, a lid, and ice cubes

  1. Fill a stainless steel pot with a volume of about 18L with about half of the tap water.
  2. Put a glass bowl in the pot. Make sure that the bowl is floating and cannot touch the bottom. If it can’t float, place a round baking rack under the bowl.
  3. Pay attention to the water collected in the bowl. The water here should be hot, but not boiling. If it boils, turn down the temperature of the stove.
  4. Use the method of alternating cold and heat to produce the condensation effect. You can turn the lid of the pot upside down and install ice cubes. The hot air will condense into water droplets when it hits the ice cubes.
  5. Bring the water in the pot to a boil. After boiling, the steam will rise and condense on the lid. Then it will drip into the bowl and wait until the bowl has collected enough water to stop condensation.
  6. Remove the pot from the stove and remove the lid.
  7. Take the distilled water bowl out of the pot. Be careful not to burn your hands. You can let the water cool before you move it.
  8. Let the distilled water cool down before storing.

Homemade distilled water method 2 Use a glass bottle to condense tap water to make distilled water

Material: two glass bottles, tube strap, an ice pack, or ice pack

  1. Take two bottles to make distilled water. It is best to bend the neck of a bottle to prevent the distilled water from flowing back.
  2. Fill a bottle with tap water. Approximately 12.7cm is high.
  3. Stick the bottlenecks of the two bottles together, and seal them tightly with pipe tape.
  4. Fill a stainless steel pot of about 18 liters with boiling water and distill the water. Just cover the amount of water in the bottle below.
  5. Tilt the bottle thirty degrees. Tilt the upper bottle and lean against the edge of the pot. This angle is very effective for evaporation.
  6. Put an ice pack or ice pack on the bottle above. This creates a contrast between heat and cold and condenses the steam.
  7. Continue the condensation process until enough water has been collected.

Homemade distilled water method 3: Turn rainwater into distilled water

Material: large container, rainwater, kettle

  1. Take a large and clean container to collect rainwater.
  2. Leave it outdoors for two days to let the minerals dissipate.
  3. Put distilled water in a clean kettle.

Hint to distill water:

Raise the inverted lid occasionally to ensure that the steam is collected in the bowl.

If you feel that the tap water is not pure enough, you can change the saltwater tank with distilled water. Be sure to mix distilled water and brine before adding them to the fish tank.

Warning Use heat-resistant glass bowls and bottles for boiling water

Only the water in the bowl or bottle is distilled water. The remaining water contains impure substances, things like minerals that you remove from the distilled water.

If you want to add it to the fish tank, you need to add some suitable chemicals. Without these chemicals, distilled water cannot feed fish.

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