How to clean your ears?

How to clean your ears?

We show some home remedies to remove excess earwax. We will tell you how to clean your ears without using cotton buds if you have a plug.

Our ears naturally generate wax, and in this case, it is not a lack of hygiene. This wax production is nothing more than our ear’s natural defence mechanism to defend itself against bacteria and dirt.

Where is earwax produced?

The ear has three parts, the outer part, the middle part of the canal, and the inner part, the tympanic membrane. 

The wax in the ears is produced right in the canal. It is natural ear protection that prevents infections, is capable of trapping dust and germs so that they do not pass into the eardrum, and prevents water from entering the eardrum, which is more dangerous for our ears.

Why not use earbuds?

Traditionally, swabs have been used to clean the ears, although it is not precisely the most appropriate way to remove earwax and preserve the health of our ears. 

Last year, the European Parliament agreed to a ban on the manufacture and marketing of cotton swabs, which will come into effect from 2021. This is due to the new policies of environmental care since the swabs have a high plastic content. In addition, and the main thing, they are not advisable to remove wax in the ears since, on the one hand, they can alter the natural pH and, on the other, reduce the ear’s ability to generate wax and defend itself. Even in more severe cases, hearing problems can occur.

We will show you some natural and healthy remedies for removing earwax without damaging the ears in the next point.

Warm water is the best option.

According to various medical sources, the most effective method of cleaning the ears is water. Many people generate more earwax than they should, so more wax is produced.

If we do not have too much wax in our ears because we feel they are not clogged, it is best to shower to clean our ears. With our own hands, we will take advantage of the shower jet to thoroughly clean our ears without using any soap, as it can generate more earwax. But if we feel that our ears are wholly clogged, and we cannot wash our ears utilising the water in our daily shower, we must go to the ENT doctor to remove excess earwax with the help of an ear syringe of warm water.

The procedure will include inserting the cannula into the pinna and injecting the water with enough energy to remove the plug at once. This can cause us slight dizziness at first, but we will quickly notice that we hear much better and that our ears are perfectly clean and without wax plugs.

Use a saline solution:

We can use a saline solution, for which we must mix half a cup of warm water. With a tablespoon of acceptable salt and stir the mixture well. Once this is done, we will use an eyedropper to introduce a few drops of saline solution into each ear, or we can also do it with the help of a cotton ball. We must have the head well inclined with the ear that we will treat upwards so that the water penetrates well. We keep our heads in that position for a while, and our ears will be clear.

Use hydrogen peroxide:

It can be done the same way as in the previous point. Mixing hot hydrogen peroxide with salt and using the same procedure.

Apply baby oil or olive oil:

Another good option is to use olive or baby oil to clean the ear wax. For many experts, this is the best solution. We will put a few drops of oil in each ear to soften the wax. Introduce a few cotton balls and let it act overnight. In the morning, we remove the excess fat in the shower, and we will have the ear perfectly clean.

Using ear sprays:

We can also use auditory sprays sold in pharmacies, which are very suitable for regular ear hygiene. They are for sale in pharmacies, and by applying spray at least once a week. We can prevent excessive accumulation of earwax. And clean safely and effectively. There are a wide variety of products of this type in the pharmacy. And they are effective in removing excess wax in the ears.

Cleaning through daily activities:

If, at certain times, we notice that our ear is plugged. A good solution is to do a series of daily activities. That help to eliminate the plugs, such as chewing gum or constantly moving the jaw.

Do not abuse the cleaning of the ear:

We should never abuse cleaning, as the ear will defend itself and produce more earwax. It is best to clean it with water in the shower just once a week.

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