How do tornadoes form?

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Tornadoes are the column of air that rotates and travels very violently that extends from the ground to the base of clouds. Tornadoes can travel several kilometers. Most of them -with a width of about 75 meters travel in the range between 65 and 180Km / h. although some can reach speeds of up to 450km / h, even some have a width of 2 kilometers. Without leaving the ground, its route can range between 80 and 100 kilometers. It travels with destruction and damage of many heavy materials and human damage. 

There are different types of tornadoes like ground and water tornadoes. The latter are formed on bodies of water that connect with the clouds forming a funnel-shaped air stream.

If you want to know how tornadoes are made first, you have to know the ideal condition for tornadoes’ formation. Like humidity, atmospheric instability, and vertical air fronts that, when colliding, propel the humid air upwards. 

How Do Tornadoes Form

Tornadoes are formed when luckily, several conditions are combined.

The cold stream and warm air meet horizontally.

When this interaction occurs, the hot air that should be above freezing is trapped in the lower plane and causes both streams to flow at higher and higher elevations.

From there, a stream of cold and dry air descends, while another, warmer and more humid, rises, producing a stream in the form of a circular tube.

The speed of this current increases as the process progresses. The hot air rises, and the cold air drops, bringing the tornado vortex straight.


When this vortex reaches the bottom, the current accelerates and produces a high-quality whirlpool. Cold air descends around the upper sides. And the flow of warm air trapped below the first finds in the vortex the way up. And so it goes straight up with a lot of power and has a lot of loads. Once the cyclone has been built, it has reached a height and strength, producing the desired effect, creating the absorption of houses and homes in their path.

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