The Difference between Marketing and Selling

difference between marketing and selling

Selling and marketing

Some of the illuminating points about marketing and selling are as follows:  

  • There is a difference between marketing and selling, and it confuses people because they think that selling and marketing are the same things. In reality, they are pretty different from each other. The selling process is an integral part of marketing, but it is not marketing as marketing is much broader than sales. Selling is a product focus approach and always has the same short-term goal of achieving market share. 
  • The ultimate goal of marketing and selling is to gain the maximum profit through sales maximization. It is the notion of ​​the marketer that after the completion of production, the sale work starts. It is the responsibility of the sales to increase the revenue of the company.
  • The concept of a market is more widespread than sales because the marketing approach focuses on the needs and desires of potential customers rather than the product. The production and marketing of the product always begin before the actual production starts. To learn more about marketing, check out this beginner’s guide to business marketing that covers the basics of small business marketing to help you start on the right foot.

Differences between marketing and selling 

It is necessary to understand the needs and wants of the customers. It’s essential to develop products or services according to the needs and desires of the customers. It is significant to comprehend the difference between sales and marketing concepts. So Let’s have a look at some of the following points to increase the understanding of both terms: 


Marketing can be defined as delivering goods and services to create value for the customer and make a profit. On the other hand, Selling is the process of rounding up customers to increase sales.

View on business

Marketing views the business as a satisfactory customer procedure, but selling will always view business as a goods-producing process.  Consumers will determine the price, but the cost determines the price in the procedure of sale.


The concept of marketing applies to the pure competition market and gives importance to the marketing mix. Still, selling is useless in a pure competition market, and it gives importance to promotion only. 

Market segmentation: Difference between marketing and selling

The concept always pays attention to market segmentation but will never think about the market concept. Marketing starts with actual and potential customers but starts with existing products.

Profit: Difference between marketing and selling

In marketing, it is possible to earn profit through customer satisfaction and its emphasis on customers’ needs. However, selling tends to earn profit through attractive sales and promotion and emphasis on products or services.

Scope and objective

The scope of marketing is more comprehensive with customer satisfaction through goods and services, but the concept is very narrow and increases sales of goods and services.

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The main objective of selling and marketing is to boost the revenue of the company.  Both these approaches are dependent on the efforts of the company and its employees to engage a more significant number of potential audiences. Both of them are mandatory to turn their prospects into permanent customers, thus accelerating their sales.


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