Difference between internet and intranet

Internet and intranet 

The internet refers to a global system that uses a TCP/IP protocol suite for connecting various types of electric devices around the globe. The internet is a group of interconnected devices and networks of public, private, finance, academic, business, and government networks. On the other hand, an intranet is a private network available for employees in a company and helps them organize information, manage official papers, share calendars and to-do lists. Difference between internet and intranet It usually runs in a client/server environment in a local area network. In Intranet, every computer connected through the LAN.

Key differences among internet and intranet 

Some of the significant differences to distinguish the internet from the intranet are as follows: 

  • The Internet refers to a vast network of computers globally, whereas is a network of computers designed for a specific group of users only.
  • Internet is purely a public network system and refers to the private network only. 
  • Internet possesses various sources of information, but only contains group-specific information.
  • The number of internet users is very high as this service is available worldwide, but the number of users of limit.
  • Anyone can get access to the internet. However, Intranet is accessible only by the organization employees or admin who have login details.
  • Internet is not considered a safe technology compared to the intranet, which is a safe and secure network.

Working of Internet and intranet

The Internet is built by the interconnection of many computer networks that are not preserved by any entity, and any person in the world can join it. In addition, TCP/IP protocol is the primary impelling agent for the internet. 

An intranet is a private computer network based on internet protocols and network connectivity to access and share a piece of enterprise information with its staff. Its working is based on the same client-server model that runs on the TCP/IP protocol suite. 

Features of the Internet

Here are some essential features of the Internet and intranet: 

  • The internet decentralize, and each user over the internet is independent
  • There are multiple ways to access the internet
  • Intranet is fast and accurate and website with large graphical images, videos, and sound, works fast on Intranet.
  • Intranet offers Easy communication across the company from all levels and helps share ideas and discussions with other workers. 

Application of Internet and intranet 

  • Some of the essential applications of the Internet and intranet are: 
  • Internet helps to Download programs and files and to send and receive E-Mails
  • Voice and Video Conferencing are not possible without the internet. 
  • Internet is mandatory for E-Commerce and file sharing.  
  • Whereas intranet is compulsory for Sharing the detail of company rules/policies & regulations and its helps to get the Access of employee database.
  • Intranet can use for launching personal or department-specific home pages.

Advantages of Internet and intraneet 

  • Hence, The Internet allows you to send an email message from every location. It helps you to participate in discussion groups, such as mailing lists and newsgroups.
  • Whereas intranet is Fast, easy, low-cost to implement, and Based on open standards. In addition, it allows connectivity with other systems and offers help to Access internal and external information to improve communication. 

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