All You Need to Know About Fixing Jodi Kalyan Matka

Kalyan Matka

There are a lot of important factors you need to consider when playing fixed Jodi Kalyan matka. You should be aware of the different types of bets you can place, as well as the odds for each one. You also need to understand the different types of Jodi combinations and how they can affect your chances of winning. It’s also important to know about the different types of markers and their associated payouts. Finally, you should also be familiar with the rules governing this type of matka game. Following these tips, would increase your chances of winning at fixing Jodi Kalyan matka.

Types of bets: 

You can place three basic types of bets at fix Jodi Kalyan matka. These include Pair, Drag, and Number bets.


In a pair bet, the player selects a number to place a wager. The house then spins the reels until a matching number is found. If this happens, the player wins the amount of their original bet. If they fail to match up before all three reels stop spinning, the machine takes their money, and no prize is awarded. This means that there’s always some risk associated with playing this type of bet. In addition to single numbers being involved in pair bets, many double and triple numbers are included as options for these types of wagers.


A drag bet is similar to a pair bet, but with one important difference – the player can select more than one number on which to place their wager. This type of bet offers players a higher chance of winning and comes with a higher risk. As with pair bets, if the player’s numbers are matched on the reels, they win the amount of their original bet. If not, the machine takes their money.


The player simply selects a number in a number bet and places their wager on it. If that number is spun on the reels and matches one of the symbols, the player wins. The odds for this bet are usually lower than those of other wagers at fixed matka sites.

Type of Combination: 

There are two basic types of Jodi (combination) that can place bets at live Kaylan matka winning numbers. These include Clean Jodi and Compound Jodi.

Clean Jodi

With a clean Jodi, there is one winning combination for each type of bet you can play at the site. For example, if you play pair or drag bets, only one winning combination exists for those bets – all other numbers lose. On the other hand, if you play number bets, every possible number has the same odds as each other option – 1 in 60 chances to win per bet. The payout structure is also much simpler with this type of Jodi.

Compound Jodi

A compound Jodi has multiple winning combinations for each type of bet at the site. For example, two possible numbers can win if you place a pair of drag bets. However, if you make number bets, three numbers have the same odds (1 in 60) to win per bet played. This means players have more options and better chances of winning when playing this type of Jodi at fixing matka websites. It also increases the amount of money they can potentially win when playing this game.

Types of Markers:

Different types of markers are used in fixed Jodi Kalyan matka games that offer players several advantages over others when they appear. But, on the contrary, it’s not as common as other types of markers.

The Wild Marker 

The wild marker is one that players should look out for. The wild symbol appears on all reels, and it substitutes for any number required to complete a winning Jodi combination. This means players can form combinations without worrying about exactly where their numbers land. Similarly, if two or more winning combos are formed with this type of wager, players can claim prize money multiple times instead of just once

The Expanding Wild Marker 

The Expanding Wild marker functions similarly to the wild symbol. Still, it gives players an even bigger payout when they appear in a winning combination at fix matka websites than the regular wild does. 

The Bonus Marker 

Another popular type of marker to be aware of is the Bonus Marker – this might appear on any of the reels, and players are presented with a chance to play one of several bonus games. Of course, the amount they win at this stage depends on how much they bet in the first place, so players should always note what types of bets can be made and what their corresponding payouts could be if they win.

Multiple Reel: 

This marker appears only on number bets, and lets players make multi-line wagers on a single spin. Much like regular numbers, multiple reel markers must match up exactly with the center symbol required to complete a winning Jodi combination for this type of bet. Players who do manage to land such a number on the reels not only get their original bet back (plus a multiplier) but also get to enter the bonus game round.

Single Reel: 

This marker only appears on number bets and functions in the same way as the multiple reel marker does with one exception – it must match up with two symbols instead of just one to complete a winning Jodi combination.

Double Marker: 

This marker is placed on pair or drag bets and functions similarly to the double number marker found in regular Kalyan matka games. It doubles the player’s bet if it matches one of the numbers selected for the bet.

Triple Marker:

 As its name suggests, this marker triples the player’s bet if it matches one of their chosen numbers.

Quadruple Marker: 

This marker quadruples the player’s bet if it matches one of their numbers.


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