8 Interesting Ways to Use Dijon Mustard in Your Cooking


Dijon mustard originated from Dijon, France, hence the name. It is the softer and creamier version of the yellow mustard made from black or brown mustard seeds, spices, and white wine. This French mustard also has a gentler acidity and can boost the flavor of many dishes, like burgers, salads, dressings, and more.

If you want to spice up your meals, you can always turn to Dijon mustard. It has a distinctive flavor that brings a tangy and savory taste to nearly everything you cook. You can always make your recipes tastier with it. However, there are still Dijon mustard substitute options you can use if you run out of it. Nothing to worry about as there are other alternatives you can find in supermarkets near you. So, read on to know some interesting ways to use Dijon mustard in your cooking.

1.Coat Fish, Chicken, or Pork 

The usual breading process can give your meat or fish an incredibly crunchy, crispy coating. But there is nothing more like it when you coat your fish, chicken, or pork with Dijon mustard and sprinkle over some breadcrumbs or your sought-after spice mix. You will be surprised how this tastes even better!

2.Give Meat a Masterful Rub

A Dijon mustard rub gives a thick coat of sharp and sweet flavors over juicy meat, like pork or chicken roast, that cracks under a fork and knife. It brings a new, rich flavor to the meat, and you will find yourself wanting more of it. Master creating a rub with Dijon mustard, and you will never get back to your old rub option.

3.Dress Salads

Dress your salads in Dijon mustard! Its thickness and composition give an extra bit of heat to the greens you add to your salad. This kind of mustard also works as an emulsifier in vinaigrette, which helps the oil blend into the vinegar. Moreover, you can try it on potato salad and sprinkle some fresh herbs or mix it with mayo and yogurt for a yummy salad dressing or sauce.

4.Whip Up with Marinade

Marinate your meat with this easy Dijon mustard marinade for an easy-to-prepare dish. When you are busy and have a little time to spare for cooking, you can throw Dijon, lemon, honey, mayo, juice, and spices in a ziplock bag and marinate chicken thighs or breasts. Then you can cook them in the oven, on the grill, or on the stovetop until they come to temp. On the other hand, you can make your marinade funkier by making a puree of garlic, wine, Dijon mustard, and herbs. It helps tenderize tough meat cuts and gives a more fantastic flavor.

5.Glaze Vegetables and Hams

A glaze with Dijon mustard balances acidity. It makes a huge difference to your holiday ham, carrots, and other dishes. Glazed carrots with mustard give you a buttery and sweet version of this vegetable. It can be added when concocting your carrot’s extraordinary glaze and makes it more nuanced. Everyone will love this new dish as it is a unique offering to your taste buds!

6.Make a Dijonnaise

The best thing you can do with mayonnaise is to combine it with Dijon mustard. Once you do, you get a Dijonnaise! Take at least two spoons of it and stir it with your mayonnaise to make its taste stick out a bit. This way, the mustard mutes the mayonnaise’s richness. In addition, this can be your best alternative to your regular mayo when making a sandwich of any kind.  

7.Jazz Up Your Soup

Wake up your soup by stirring in some Dijon mustard. Sometimes you need to put some zest in your chicken noodle soup or stew for a more delectable meal. If you tip a dash of vinegar or squeeze some lemon into your soups, do it with Dijon mustard this time instead. Remember to start small as there are no takebacks once you add too much, stir it, and taste it if it is enough. You will surely love the Dijon’s pale yellow color and slightly creamy consistency in your soup!

8.Mix into Eggs

Whisk the Dijon mustard into the mix for some scrambled eggs, casseroles, frittatas, and quiche to see eggs in a more interesting light. Go with a new and delicious way to cook eggs with mustard, and you will never have to go back to your old routine. Additionally, you can make a tasty filling for deviled eggs by adding some Dijon mustard. You just need a little mayo, salt, and paprika to make it creamier and more addictive. 


Without a doubt, Dijon mustard can make your dishes more exciting. These things mentioned above prove that it is a great ingredient to add in cooking different recipes for your loved ones. Hence, stock up on Dijon mustard in your pantry and use it with any dish you like!


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