5 Strange but Interesting Museums Worth Visiting

If you are tired of standard exhibitions and exhibitions, then these places deserve your attention. Here you will find collections that are distinguished by their uniqueness, eccentricity, and innovation. From a cave storing ancient remains of extinct animals to an underwater world where you can meet a real submarine. These museums promise to immerse you in extraordinary worlds.

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Mammoth Museum

To visit this unique museum, you will need to descend to a depth of 20 meters, where permafrost has covered the cave. The remains of animals that lived on the Taimyr 20 thousand years ago are stored in this cold. In the museum, you can see a collection of mammoth bones, their tusks, pieces of skins, and the bodies of these amazing and long-extinct creatures. Here, in the depths of the earth, amazing evidence of the ancient history of our planet is stored. The museum itself is located in far Yakutsk.


In the heart of New York, there is an amazing museum hidden inside a long-unused elevator. A small but surprisingly interesting space has collected several dozen exhibits that at first glance may seem mundane and uninteresting to most people. However, it is in this unique collection that things are presented that are otherwise often simply ignored.

Among the exhibits, you can see the usual items for New York: garbage bags, shoes, clothes, a coffee brewing device, toothpaste tubes, empty bottles – both glass and plastic, as well as glasses, books, newspapers, and much, much more. This museum invites guests to take a fresh look at ordinary things, notice the beauty in everyday life, and find something special and unique in it.

Vent Haven Museum of Ventrology

This is probably one of the most frightening museums on our list. Vent Haven Ventriloquist Museum is located in Kentucky and is the only one of its kind. It boasts the world’s largest collection of ventriloquist dolls, and here you can learn all about the art of ventriloquism and ventriloquism. 

The history of the museum began as a private collection of Mr. William Shakespeare Berger, who was worried that his huge collection would be lost after his death. To avoid this, he founded a non-profit organization dedicated to the art of ventriloquism.

War Museum

The War Museum is one of the most famous attractions in Pattaya. Here you can find samples of machines and mechanisms of the Second World War, as well as some types of weapons and ammunition. In addition, the museum presents military equipment of the Thai army both during the Second World War and modern times.

Also, for a reasonable fee in the military museum in Pattaya, you can buy army and police clothing, including stun guns, batons, and knives. As well as fragments of real uniforms and weapons of American troops based in Thailand during the American-Vietnamese War.

Ghibli Studio Museum

The Ghibli Studio Museum is located in the Japanese city of Mitaka. Its creator is the famous Japanese animator and director Hayao Miyazaki. Hayao Miyazaki is the author of such animated films as the Oscar-winning “Gone with the Ghost”, “My Neighbor Totoro”, “Princess Mononoke”, “Howl’s Walking Castle” and many others. Miyazaki came up with the design of the museum himself, so it’s not surprising that every detail here is connected with his cartoons. If you want to get to this place, keep in mind that many people want to get to it, so you need to book tickets in advance.


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